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Men's Cotton Rib Knit Thermal with TransDRY Pants

BrandIndera Mills
Activity LevelMedium to High
Weather LevelCold

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  • Introducing the next generation of 100% Cotton Performance thermal base layer from Indera Mills. The new and improved Cotton Rib Knit Thermal with TransDRY base layers offer the comfort and softness of cotton thermals, with the quick drying and moisture wicking capability of polyester thermals.

    • Fabric weight: 5.5 oz
    • 100% Cotton Rib Knit
    • Features TransDRY technology creates a 100% cotton garment that wicks, and dries 50% faster than other cotton thermals
    • Improved fit and design over previous generation
    • 1x1 Rib Knit with Combed Ring Spun cotton creates a soft texture for all day comfort
    • Tagless design for extra comfort


    100% Cotton treated with TransDRY wicks away moisture and dries faster.

    What is TransDRY Technology?

    TransDRY technology for cotton is a patented, high-performance moisture management application that allows fabrics to wick and spread perspiration as well as, or better than, most high-tech synthetic fabrics. You get the comfort and softness of your favorite cotton thermals, along with wicking and fast-drying performance.

    It's In The Yarn

    The TransDRY technology begins by treating cotton yarns with a special process to make them water repellent. Blending the right amount of repellent yarns with absorbent cotton yarns creates cotton fabrics that have a lower overall absorbent capacity that mimics that of polyester and nylon. As a result, TransDRY fabrics dry up to twice as fast as untreated cotton and do not become over-saturated and uncomfortable during exercise. The result is comfortable, soft cotton that performs better than high-tech synthetic fabrics.

    Quick Drying Performance

    TransDRY fabrics absorb less and don't become over-saturated during exercise, which allows them to dry faster. The technology offers consistent results of improved drying time compared to equivalent untreated cotton fabrics and equal performance when compared to synthetic fabrics.