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Indera Mills ICETEX Long Johns

The Indera Mills ICETEX thermals offer superior value for their price. ICETEX thermals are made with 100% fleeced performance polyester on the inside and 100% combed cotton on the outside layer. This two layer construction offers extreme cold protection with the cotton, and moisture wicking capability with the polyester that has been treated with Silvadur Intelligent Freshness to keep you dry from sweat during high intensity activity. These are the perfect replacement for the old JE Morgan Arctex thermals that are no longer available since JE Morgan went out of business.

Treated with Silvadur technology to minimize odor, the ICETEX thermals keep you ready for any situation. Silvadur lasts for more than 25 washings, so it stays in place and keeps working for the life of the garment. The treated fabric acts as an anti-microbial, keeping odor causing bacteria from growing on the fabric. Sivladur is non-toxic and safe to wear against the skin. Silvadur also won't irritate your skin and won't wash out or rub off, when used appropriately. 

The tagless design and fleeced polyester offer added comfort for all day use.

Just like with all of the Indera Mills products, the ICETEX style is designed and knitted in the United States.

Men's Tops and Bottoms - 286LS and 286DR

Women's Tops and Bottoms - 287LS and 287DR